Missing man Rye Hunt's phone, wallet found in Rio | photos, video

Brazilian authorities have confirmed that a phone, wallet and bank cards were among the items found that belong to missing Tasmanian man Rye Hunt.

Mr Hunt, age 25, was last seen on May 21 at the Galeao International Airport, Rio, in Brazil. 

Earlier this week, police located some of his personal items, which has recently been confirmed to include an iPhone 6, a wallet, bank cards, a laptop, camera, and clothing.

Police in Rio de Janeiro are exploring several avenues as part of there investigations to find Mr Hunt.

Mr Hunt’s uncle Michael and partner Bonnie are set to arrive in Rio de Janeiro this week, and will meet with AFP officials, the Consul-General, and Brazilian authorities.

His family on Wednesday released images of Mr Hunt’s belongings that were found in his Copacabana apartment, as well as travel photos and a short video.