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There was no victor on Saturday night, but the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party had reason to celebrate after a dramatic swing in their favour.

Click here for our wrap-up of a dramatic day in the Orange electorate.


10pm update – No change on earlier results below. Scroll down to see updated information from the Nationals and Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party. 

9am update – no change on the 8.30pm results below. 

8.30pm update – 

  • Janelle Bicknell (Greens) - 5.83%
  • Scott Barrett (Nationals) – 29.83%
  • Phillip Donato (Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party) – 26.04%
  • Kevin Duffy (Independent) – 6.48%
  • Scott Munro (Independent) – 7.93%
  • Bernard Fitzsimon (Country Labor Party) – 19.16%
  • Dianne Decker (Christian Democratic Party) – 3.38%
  • Ian Donald (Independent) – 1.34%

8pm update – 

  • Janelle Bicknell (Greens) - 5.97%
  • Scott Barrett (Nationals) – 29.47%
  • Phillip Donato (Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party) – 25.96%
  • Kevin Duffy (Independent) – 6.4%
  • Scott Munro (Independent) – 8.17%
  • Bernard Fitzsimon (Country Labor Party) – 19.28%
  • Dianne Decker (Christian Democratic Party) – 3.38%
  • Ian Donald (Independent) – 1.36%

7:30pm update – 

  • Janelle Bicknell (Greens) – 4.71%
  • Scott Barrett (Nationals) – 31.22% 
  • Phillip Donato (Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party) – 29.05%
  • Kevin Duffy (Independent) – 4.99%
  • Scott Munro (Independent) – 7.25%
  • Bernard Fitzsimon (Country Labor Party) – 17.81%
  • Dianne Decker (Christian Democratic Party) – 3.55%
  • Ian Donald (Independent) – 1.42%

If you are enrolled to vote in the NSW electoral seat of Orange on Saturday then it’s time for you to head to the polls. 

The Orange Byelection was prompted when Nationals MP Andrew Gee resigned from his seat to successfully campaign in the 2016 federal election for the Seat of Calare. 

The Central Western Daily will update this page during the day bringing you the latest information from the polling places around the region. You can also join the conversation by tagging #OrangeByelection on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 

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Counting begins 

SHOOTERS, FISHERS AND FARMERS SPEAK TO THE MEDIA: Phil Donato talks about the election results so far on Saturday night. 

NATIONALS SPEAK TO THE MEDIA: NSW Nationals candidate Scott Barrett has spoken to the media on election night. 

NATIONALS WONT CONCEDE TONIGHT: The Nationals have issued this statement this evening. 


Bernard Fitzsimon says Nationals leader Troy Grant will lose his job on the back of huge swings in Orange.

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers candidate Phil Donato talks booths and early results.

First preference voting for the Greens halved compared to the 2015 State election but candidate Janelle Bicknell said she is happy with her result so far despite swing against her party.

TWO PARTY PREFERRED: Interesting note from the Electoral Commission on the two party preferred count:  

Two Candidates Preferred (TCP) Votes Report

The Two Candidate Preferred (TCP) candidates for this district, selected by the NSW Electoral Commissioner prior to Election Day, are incorrect based on the election night results.

Therefore, the TCP results for this district have been removed from this website.

FIRST 90 MINUTES: With 14,482 first preference votes now counted in the first 90 minutes Nationals Candidate Scott Barret is sitting on 31.22% while Shooters and Fishers Party candidate Phillip Donato sits closely behind on 29.05%.  


As voters headed to the polls on Saturday for the Orange byelection, so did we. See who was out and about around the polling booths in our photo gallery. Click on the image below to visit the gallery. 

Voting at the Orange Byelection

Voting at the Orange Byelection

At the polling booths

6PM: And the polls have closed around the Orange electorate. Let the counting begin. 

ORANGE HIGH SCHOOL POLLING BOOTH : A timelapse video as residents cast their vote for the Orange Byelection 

MOLONG POLLING BOOTH: Molong residents were being urged to look after Cabonne as they went into vote on Saturday. 

“I’m not telling people who to vote for, all I am telling people is to ‘look after Cabonne’ and I’m getting a lot of thumbs up from people who are walking past me. "

Anti-amalgamation campaigner Ros Champman

NATIONALS: NSW Nationals Leader Troy Grant visited polling places in Orange, Parkes and Forbes on Saturday. 

Anti-amalgamation campigners Marj Bollinger, Derek Johnson and Ros Champman urge voters to look after Cabonne when they vote in the Orange byelection. Photo: LYNN PINKERTON

Anti-amalgamation campigners Marj Bollinger, Derek Johnson and Ros Champman urge voters to look after Cabonne when they vote in the Orange byelection. Photo: LYNN PINKERTON

In Molong Mudgee Nationals chairman Sandy Walker said the amalgamations and greyhounds were the main issues being discussed. 

In terms of the greyhounds he said he thought the ban was the right one. 

“The argument for (the ban) got off track. The reason for the ban was the cruelty and no government should condone putting that many dogs down each year. 

“You can’t judge this on financial and employment, you have to go back to the main reason for the ban and the time has come to fix (the industry).” 

AMALGAMATIONS: Have you voted today? Anti-amalgamation activists could be found at polling booths around Orange and Cabonne on Saturday, with a large contingent in Molong asking people to “Take Care of Cabonne”. 

In Molong anti-amalgamation campaigners made sure to make their voices heard as people walked into the Community Centre, reminding residents to “look after Cabonne,” when they cast their vote

The candidates

Click on the names of the candidates to read their profile. The candidates are listed in the order they will appear on the ballot. 

Where to cast your vote

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