Historic school tree makes the cut

A defected branch on Canowindra Public School’s historic Queensland bottle tree has been removed meaning the tree will survive to see its 60th birthday this year and the school is looking for information and photos of the tree to hold a celebration in spring.

Canowindra Public School principal Sharon Hawker said the arborist who removed the branch on Friday believes the tree will recover well and the canopy will grow over the area where the branch was removed.

“The branch had actually grown into a trunk and that is why it grew too heavy for the tree.

“There is another branch which has also turned into a trunk. It is currently leaning over our school building, however it has not split and at present is resting on the ramp railing which is supporting it.

“This "trunk" will need additional support and will eventually need removing in 10 years’ time after the tree has recovered from its recent trauma.

“Our tree may be the largest tree of its kind south of the Queensland border,” Ms Hawker said.