Community invited to memorial morning tea

The Gazebo in its new location at Morris Park. The celebration of its move has been a longtime coming.
The Gazebo in its new location at Morris Park. The celebration of its move has been a longtime coming.

The Canowindra Garden Club is inviting the community to the official morning tea celebrating the move of The Gazebo and Margot Chick Memorial Stone to their new location at Morris Park.

The decision to move the gazebo and the memorial stone from Lions Park in Gaskill St was made to protect them from further vandalism and they were moved to their current location in 2011.

Design and Technology students from Canowindra High School were also invited by the Garden Club in 2014 to produce mural screens for the Gazebo.

The students completed the mural as off job projects which when completed would compliment each other.

The students at the time had never worked with metal before and found the work interesting and rewarding work.

Canowindra Garden Club President, Mary Finn, said the morning tea would just be a simple affair.

“It will just be what the Garden Club members bring,” she said.

“But it is open to the community and they are most welcome to come.

“Margot Chick was the inaugural President of the Garden Club so it will also be a celebration of her. 

“There will also be brass signs placed that thank the students who produced the murals for the gazebo.

“We would have liked to invite them along personally but we’re not sure where they all are now,” she said.

Mrs Finn said that she was glad they were finally having a celebration of the move.

“It has taken some time to organise,” she said.

“It has taken a long time to get here but we are keen to celebrate the move.

Besides being the inaugural President of the Garden Club Margot and her husband Russell also saved the T.J. Finn building from possible demolition purchasing the building in 1987 after it was left vacant for 20 years.

Margot, Russell together with children Ryan and Belinda, moved to Canowindra in early 1988 and commenced the daunting task of restoration. Later that year Margot realised her ambition for a craft and wool shop that also had something different in the way of gifts.

When the shop opened with the best and most varied stock of knitting wools, crochet and embroidery yarns and cottons outside of Sydney, it quickly gained an enviable reputation.

Margot also started the Canowindra group of the NSW Knitters Guild.

The celebratory morning tea will be held on Saturday, June 24 at 10.30am at Morris Park. The Canowindra Garden Club meets on the third Wednesday of the month for more information contact the club on 0428 441 454