Kevin Guihot completes Tom Quilty Gold Cup

Canowindra endurance rider Kevin Guihot completed the Tom Quilty Gold Cup this month, securing his second Quilty buckle in the process.

Guihot completed the 160 kilometre ride onboard Windradyne Ferrero in 19 hours and 48 minutes at Winna Cove in South Australia, after beginning at midnight on July 7.

In order to complete the event, riders must finish with 24 hours while maintaining their horse’s welfare, which is monitored by regular vet checks.

Known as the toughest race of its kind in Australia, only 106 of the 164 entries completed the course and secured a coveted Quilty buckle.

Guihot described the conditions as “wet, cold and slippery”.

He praised Windradyne Ferrero, bred locally by Greg Hamilton, who he partnered in his first Tom Quilty Gold Cup two years ago.

“She’s a local bred horse,” Guihot said.

Kevin Guihot and Windradyne Ferrero.

Kevin Guihot and Windradyne Ferrero.

“This was her second Quilty Gold Cup and she pulsed really well throughout.

“She’s a good little horse.”

Guihot arrived in South Australia to familiarise Windradyne Ferrero with the surroundings at Winna Cove a few days prior to the race.

He said most of the preparation happens prior to the event, training the horse to ensure they are fit enough to complete a 160 kilometre course.

“You also need to get yourself fit,” he added.

Despite the 19 hours and 48 minute ride, Guihot “wasn’t too bad” after stopping the clock. 

“I don’t need a lot of sleep,” he said.

Guihot completed the course alongside Gail Pound from Coleambally who rode P.F Kudamoon.

The duo finished 44th and 45th respectively in the middleweight division.

The inaugural Tom Quilty Gold Cup was held in 1966 in New South Wales and has been hosted by a different state each year since 1986.

Next year’s will be held at Tasmania. 

Guihot says he’ll give it a miss before returning to the field again in 2019.

Donna Tidswell also attended the Tom Quilty Gold Cup as part of the supporting team of one of the competitors.