Farmers start to offload sheep

Farmers throughout western NSW commenced offloading sheep and lambs last week as the dry winter continues.

The situation is similar in Cowra with a gradual increase in lambs and sheep offered at the Cowra Saleyards in the past couple of weeks. 

Stock and station agent Damien Stephenson said the season is holding but has noticed an increase in the past three weeks. 

“I’ve just noticed in the last couple of weeks that it’s turned, big time. Numbers are up today, it’s just started to increase over the last week or two,” he said. 

“This week, we’ve got 3,500 suckers and 5,100 old lambs and then last week we only had 1,200 suckers and 4,300 old lambs. It’s slowly going up. 

“And prior to that, three weeks ago, was 2,000 lambs.” 

Damien said one reason for the increase of stock was the need to sell off older lambs ahead of the new lambs next season. 

“This is probably the last hurrah of the old lambs. Once the new season comes on, those old lambs are worth half as much,” he said.