Kokoda documentary screening at club

The Canowindra Services Club is screening a new feature documentary on August 29 at 7pm commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Kokoda Campaign of WWII.

Their is no cost for attendance.

The producer and director of the film – Kokoda… the spirit lives – is renowned author and broadcaster Patrick Lindsay.

Lindsay said he was premiering the documentary in partnership with RSL Clubs “to honour our commitment to the surviving Diggers and out of respect for the ex-services community. We’re working together with the clubs like YOUR CLUB to pass on their magnificent story to future generations.”

He says he hopes his film will help to elevate the campaign to its rightful place in our nation’s history - alongside Gallipoli.

“We need to raise the Kokoda story to its rightful place in Australian legend. Every Australian should know that the freedom they enjoy today was built on the bravery, sacrifice, endurance and ultimate victory of our Diggers 75 years ago on the Kokoda Track. And we must pass on the story to future generations.

“I believe the Kokoda campaign should stand with Gallipoli as part of our modern Dreamtime,” said Lindsay.

“Our film’s aim is to honour the Kokoda Diggers and portray their story with the respect and accuracy they deserve. The surviving Kokoda Diggers are now all in their 90s and they’re fading. We must honour them before they leave us.

“All the campaign’s participants I’ve interviewed over the years - Japanese, Papuan and Australian - believed Kokoda was a battle for Australia’s freedom.

“The Diggers were outnumbered, outgunned and facing seasoned Japanese troops.”

Canowindra Services Club is proud to premiere the film.