Canowindra residents to vote on Saturday

Canowindra residents will have 14 candidates to choose from when they vote for 12 councillors for Cabonne Shire Council in Local Government elections on Saturday, September 9.

Caowindra's Cabonne candidates Cheryl Newsom, Anthony Durkin, Jenny Weaver and Kevin Walker.

Caowindra's Cabonne candidates Cheryl Newsom, Anthony Durkin, Jenny Weaver and Kevin Walker.

Putting their hand up for election are four Canowindra based candidates, Kevin Walker, Jenny Weaver, Cheryl Newsom and Anthony Durkin.

Canowindra residents, who can vote at the Canowindra High School, also have nominations from Kevin Beatty of Molong, Peter Batten of Garra, Duncan Maxwell Brakell of Spring Terrace, Ian Davison of Borenore, Derek Johnson of Molong, Paul Mullins of Molong, Jamie Jones of Molong, Marlene Nash of Manildra, Elizabeth Oldham of Molong and Greg Treavors of Boree to choose from.

Asked at a councillor forum in Canowindra recently what they saw as critical projects for Canowindra over the next five years the Canowindra candidates listed medical facilities, aged care facilities and a continuation of work on the Age of Fishes museum as priorities.

Anthony Durkin said the proposed units for residents over the age of 55 was a definite priority.

“A medical practice for doctors in a council established building,” was something Mr Durkin also saw as essential.

“I’d also be looking to place a dentist into the building and a (medical) Specialists room.”

Mr Durkin said he also like to see housing blocks developed for young families.

“I’d like to see Canowindra move forward and businesses in the man street thriving, Canowindra has a lot to offer” he added.

Canowindra candidate Cheryl Newsom said she’d like to see the Canowindra to Eugowra road upgraded.

Other projects Ms Newsom listed as priorities included the painting of wheat silos in the district as tourist drawcards, better signage, beautification of the villages to make them more attractive and; investigations into solar energy production to the shire.

“Any new ideas obviously would have to go to council for budget approval,” Ms Newsom, who also wants to see a community owned venue for all groups to use in Canowindra, said.

A big supporter of Canowindra’s Age of Fishes museum Jenny Weaver said the town’s planned retirement village should be boosted along ASAP.

”The Age of Fishes museum, I have worked with and been passionate about it since its inception,” Mrs Weaver said.

“I can’t believe the struggle the (Age of Fishes) committee has had at times.

“I just believe more needs to be achieved and that has to come from a State and Federal Government level.

“Cabonne should be pursing all available grants to encourage business in Cabonne,” she added.

Candidate Kevin Walker said he had been involved with and supported 90 per cent of the projects mentioned by the other candidates.

All those projects mentioned previously and I’ve been involved in 90 per cent of them.

“There is no way in the world Cabonne can fund the whole lot of them, we need support from State and Federal level for them to become a reality,” Mr Walker added.

“If elected

If elected my priories would be the finalisation of the Cumnock/Yeoval pipeline; construction of a retirement village for our seniors; construction of fossil storage and a research centre for the Age of Fishes; completion of the Eugowra Puzzle Creek levee; Rural Fire Service headquarters at Moorbel and Lidster; continued upgrades for pedestrians; cemetery improvements; showground upgrades; maintenance and upgrade of Cabonne's extensive road network and; furthering the Cranky Rock Dam on the Belubula proposal.