Show’s set for a stunning start

Alicia Bourke performs during a previous show.
Alicia Bourke performs during a previous show.

Canowindra show-goers can expect a thrilling beginning to this year’s event with stunt rider Alicia Bourke of R.A.C.E Entertainment booked to enthrall the crowd on the opening night.

The daredevil on horseback will perform “fast paced and adrenalin thumping gymnastic moves” from about 7.30pm on the Friday night.

Secretary Catherine Blyth said the committee was aiming to secure a “crowd-pleaser” for the night’s crowd.

This year’s show unfolds from Friday, September 22 to Saturday, September 23.

“We wanted a crowd-pleaser for the Friday night crowd and we thought that this one is pretty cool,” Ms Blyth said before explaining more about the routine.

“It’s daredevil riding. Standing on two horses that’s called Roman riding when you stand on a pair of horse and ride them around.

“Things like hanging off backwards by your legs on the horse. Trick riding and stunt riding stuff.”

Alicia Bourke.

Alicia Bourke.

R.A.C.E Entertainment’s Alicia Bourke will perform solo with two horses in front of the grand stand on the trotting track.

The daredevil stunt riding is only a part of an action-packed Friday night at the Canowindra Show.  

In a change to the regular schedule, the show’s official opening will be made about 7pm, Friday rather than during the afternoon on Saturday.

The farmers challenge returns to the night program along with the fireworks display, while live music will feature at the bar.