‘Don’t go back to the drug’: Magistrate warns of ‘ice’ dangers

Ice is a drug that not only ruins the user’s life but the lives of their families, Magistrate Michael Allen told Cowra Local Court on Wednesday, September 6.

Magistrate Allen described ice as a “heinous” drug while hearing a matter involving a 23-year-old Cowra man who escaped conviction for the possession of ice.

The court heard the defendant had been using ice “on and off for seven years” and had lost a job as a result.

Magistrate Allen said it’s “sad” to see “young people ruin their reputations”.

“What is really sad is young people ruin their reputations such that no one will give them a job,” Magistrate Allen said.  “No one will trust, because they all whisper behind their backs about being an ice user or a drug user.” The magistrate warned the court about ice being “manufactured and pedaled” by “people who care nothing about you”.

They don’t care if people die. They don’t care if people ruin their lives.

Magistrate Allen

“Ice is manufactured and disseminated and pedaled in this country and internationally by people who care nothing about you. All they care about is the money that it generates,” he said.

“They don’t care if people die. They don’t care if people ruin their lives.”

The magistrate noted the defendant pleading guilty at the first possible opportunity while placing him on a bond to be of good behaviour for six months without conviction.  Mr Allen said this would be “sufficient time to go back to your old ways” but also “more than enough time to prove to the community that you’ve turned a corner”.

“Let’s not go back to it. You have the capacity to contribute to the community through your efforts at work,” the Magistrate said.

“The glass is half full. It’ll never fill if you decide to handicap yourself using such a heinous illicit drug.

“Don’t go back to the drug.”