Beatty claims victory in Cabonne, just | Video

VICTORIOUS: Cabonne mayor Kevin Beatty and deputy mayor Anthony Durkin. Photo: DANIELLE CETINSKI 0926dccabonne1
VICTORIOUS: Cabonne mayor Kevin Beatty and deputy mayor Anthony Durkin. Photo: DANIELLE CETINSKI 0926dccabonne1

A NAME plucked from a box decided Cabonne’s mayor for the next two years.

First-time councillor Kevin Beatty was elected to the top job on Tuesday afternoon, supported by deputy mayor Anthony Durkin. 

Three councillors nominated for the mayoral position, including Cr Beatty, Cr Durkin and councillor Ian Davison.

Cr Davison led after the primary vote with five votes to Cr Beatty’s four votes and Cr Durkin’s three.

But after Cr Durkin was excluded and preferences distributed, the remaining contenders were deadlocked at six votes apiece, leaving general manager Stephen Harding to draw a name from the box. 

Shaking Cr Beatty’s hand after the draw to congratulate him, Cr Davison joked he had “never won a raffle in my life”.

Cr Beatty said he felt proud to be elected.

“It’s very humbling,” he said.

“It doesn’t get much closer than being drawn out of a hat.”

He said he would focus on research and mastering council procedures early while following in the footsteps of former mayor Ian Gosper, who did not stand for re-election to the council earlier this month.

“I’ve got big shoes to fill, hopefully I can fill them and I just want to work for the people,” he said.

“I had good community support through the election and maybe [councillors] saw that, and I’ve been in the Cabonne shire for 22 years and working in the area, maybe they saw that.”

A member of Molong Players, Cr Beatty said he would not be bringing any theatrics into the chamber.

“I’ll leave that to the Molong Players, that’s for sure,” he said. 

Cr Davison said he was disappointed to miss out but thought it would be a good council.

Five councillors nominated for the deputy’s vote, including Cr Durkin and councillors Marlene Nash, Cheryl Newsom, Greg Treavors and Kevin Walker. 

With lowest votes tied, the box was again required to exclude candidates – first Cr Newsom, then Cr Nash.

Cr Treavors’ preferences then went to Cr Durkin, who will serve in the role for the next year.

A councillor of nine years, Cr Durkin was happy to be chosen for the role.

“It’s great to see some senior representation within the chamber for Canowindra and the southern end of the shire,” he said.

“I’ve worked with [Cr Beatty] outside [the council] for a number of years and he’s going to be a great mayor.”