Residents of Cabonne given easy access to councillors

Cabonne Council has delegated councillors to liaise with villages and locations within the Shire to provide a conduit between the community and the council.

The councillors will be a contact point for residents in each location and will attend progress association meetings in all areas where there are progress or improvement associations.

Mayor Kevin Beatty said this has been the council’s practice since wards were abolished and that was some time ago.

“Although all councillors have been elected to represent the whole Local Government Area, we want the community to know they also have a ‘local’ councillor to speak to even if that councillor doesn’t necessarily live in that location,” Mayor Kevin Beatty said.

Councillors and the areas they have been delegated to represent are:

Borenore/Nashdale: Cr Ian Davison, Cr Libby Oldham (alternative).

Canowindra: Cr Cheryl Newsom, Cr Anthony Durkin (alternative).

Cargo: Cr Marlene Nash (delegate), Cr Cheryl Newsom (alternative).

Cudal: Cr Greg Treavors, Cr Marlene Nash (alternative).

Cumnock: Cr Ian Davison, Cr Peter Batten (alternative).

Eugowra: Cr Cheryl Newsom, Cr Jamie Jones (alternative).

Manildra: Cr Marlene Nash (delegate), Cr Greg Treavors (alternative).

Molong: Cr Peter Batten, Cr Jamie Jones (alternative).

Mullion Creek: Cr Libby Oldham, Cr Greg Treavors (alternative).

Spring Hill/Spring Terrace: Cr Libby Oldham, Cr Anthony Durkin (alternative).

Yeoval: Cr Ian Davison, Cr Peter Batten (alternative).