Cows Create Careers a hit for Central NSW students

Canowindra High School students joined over 150 of their excited colleagues and their teachers from the Central NSW region to celebrate completing the Cows Create Careers – Farm Module, on October 19 at the Cowra Services Club.

The module aims to increase the awareness of dairy industry careers sees students rearing two three-week-old calves at school with the support of a special dairy industry curriculum for Years 7 and 8 and Years 9 to 11.

Dairy Australia’s Cows Create Careers Co-ordinator, Deanne Kennedy, said after 10 years of conducting the model the competition was still going strong.

“The competition keeps getting better and better,” she said. 

“There’s a new group of students coming to the school each year, the teachers stay the same, and to be on the winners board at all is a really really big achievement.

“The students have to be performing at the highest level,” she said.

Ms Kennedy said the highlight of the program was seeing students inspired to seek a dairy career and seeing the opportunities available.

“There are a number of highlights for me with Cows Create Careers,” she said.

“We bring the students here to the presentation day and give them some additional industry learnings that they may not have known about.

“It’s watching what the students learn in our activities and to have students come up to us afterwards and inquire about the industry, they are the moments that matter.

“Having operators like Moxey Farms here, what better opportunity for the students then whats right in their own back yard, it’s the kind of opportunity I’d love.

“It ties things in beautifully to have someone in the industry demonstrating to the students that there are opportunities right here and now.

“For the students who have been inspired by Cows Create Careers to have the opportunity to approach them and have a chat to them,” she said.

Ms Kennedy praised the dairy producers who continually helped make the program successful. 

“The Farmers that do this program are so important, Cows Create Careers doesn’t exist without the dairy farmers and the advocates who support us,” she said.

“Those farmers take calves throughout the region, they are the face of the program in schools, they are what maters and what makes the program work.

“It’s all about teamwork and it’s why we are standing here 10 years on,” she said.