Soil from Soldiers Memorial Hospital to go on display at new Hall of Service at Anzac Memorial at Hyde Park

Canowindra has submitted its sample of soil which will be displayed at the new Hall of Service at Anzac Memorial at Hyde Park, Sydney.

The RSL sub-branch gathered to collect the soil sample with Canowindra Health Service Manager Janice Rumph at the Canowindra Soldiers Memorial Hospital on Monday afternoon.

Christine McIlvain of the RSL sub-branch explained why the soil was taken from the hospital grounds rather than Memorial Park at the corner of Gaskill Street and Blatchford Street.

“We’re taking the soil from the hospital which is important,” Ms McIlvain said.

“Memorial Park was suggested but we preferred the hospital because it is the World War I memorial.

“It will go down to Sydney where they’re upgrading Anzac Memorial at Hyde Park.

“They will take our piece of soil that we send down today and Canowindra will be there.”

The Hall of Service will be made up of plaques for every town that enlistees for the First World War gave as their address, with a sample of the town’s soil displayed alongside it.

Close to 1700 plaques and soil samples will be on display on the walls of the Hall of Service.

The idea was proposed by renowned Australian artist Fiona Hall who was selected to create an artwork for the new Hall of Service at Anzac Memorial.

When Hall’s artwork is complete and on display, Memorial visitors will be able to view information on each listed location via digital devices.

Information will include the details and date the soil was collected, the names of every enlistee who gave that location as their home address, and pinpointed maps showing the area and its surrounding memorials and schools.

Surrounding town’s involved

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