O’Leary takes out high gun for November

It was a nice sunny day for Sunday’s November shoot which saw 39 shooters compete in three events attempting 100 targets for the day.

Event one consisted of a 25 target double barrel with winners as follows.

  • 1st AA: G Evans, J Laspina, C O'Leary, J Peters, J Finn, B Rue, M Dutton, B Heaslip, C Dykes.
  • 1st A: J Tomlinson, J Wright.
  • 1st B: L Hunt.
  • 1st C: M Burt, S Burns.

Our second event was the 50 Target continental which saw J Finn as our overall winner for the event, whilst graded winners were as follows.

  • AA: G McAllister
  • A: K Downton
  • B: B Alston
  • C: S Burns

For our final event of the day, we had a 25 target handicap where shooters are put to the test to shoot from their meterage.

First place went to P Thompson whilst second place had to be shot off by L Hunt, C O’Leary, J Hunter, J Tomlinson, B Heaslip and R Piotrowsi who all had scores of 24.

The winner of the shoot off was C O’Leary who was awarded second place for the handicap event.

The high gun winner for the month of November is Col O’Leary who had the best overall shooting results across all three events.

Our next monthly shoot will be on Sunday, December 17 at 12pm and it’s the Christmas Shoot. 

Four events will be contested including a 25 target double barrel, 25 target single barrel, 25 target point score and a 25 target handicap.