P-plate driver high range

A 19-year-old Canowindra provisional driver was convicted and had warrants issued for his arrest at Cowra Local Court on Wednesday, January 10.

Espore Rubibi was convicted in his absence after he failed to appear before the court charged with driving with a high range PCA.

According to police facts around 11.25am on Wednesday November 22, 2017, Rubibi was driving on Nangar Road approaching the intersection of Nyrang Road.

As he approached the intersection Rubibi crossed onto the wrong side of the road towards an oncoming vehicle.

The oncoming vehicle stopped to avoid a collision while Rubibi continued on into a nearby ditch where the vehicle became stuck. The incident was also seen by a farmer working nearby.

Both police and ambulance officers were called to the scene with police smelling liquor coming from Rubibi and observed his eyes to be red and glassy.

During his interaction with police Rubibi was erratic and appeared to not know what he was doing, walking up and down the ditch. Police conducted a roadside breath test which produced a positive reading.

As Rubibi became abusive with police, he was arrested and taken to Canowindra Police station for a secondary breath test, which produced a reading of 0.215 grams of alcohol in 210 litres of breath.

At the station Rubibi was still abusive to police, wanting to fight them and calling them racist. He told police if he had to go to court, he would not attend and he believed he wasn’t under the influence of alcohol as he had his last drink at 6am.

In submitting facts to the court the police prosecutor said the breath test result was, “an impressive reading”.

Five months undone

A 29-year-old Woodstock woman who failed to appear before Cowra Local Court has been fined $400 and disqualified from driving for six months in her absence.

Charlene Elizabeth Whiteman was charged with driving a motor vehicle with an illicit drug present in her blood.

According to police facts around 1.25pm on October 11, 2017, police stopped Whiteman for a random breath test and drug test.

Whiteman’s breath test returned a negative reading however her oral fluid test returned a positive reading to Cannabis and Meth.

A secondary test at Cowra Police Station also returned a positive reading to Meth, the remainder of the sample was sent to the Forensic and Analytical Science Service in Lidcombe which returned a positive detection of Cannabis and Meth.

In relation to her drug taking Whiteman told police she had Smoked ICE and Cannabis the day before, the first time in five months.