Give back by pledging to bank now

Canowindra residents are being urged to make their pledge now for the establishment of a community bank here in Canowindra.

If we take the time to look at a neighbouring example, Boorowa Community Bank, they are consistently giving back $100,000 each year to community groups and associations.

These groups are sometimes forgotten by local, State and Federal Governments in their grants programs, so having a local Community Bank here in Canowindra would ensure that these groups benefit.

The Bank will have a Board of locals who will be making the decisions where these allocations fall.

We have had many questions about the pledges, and a lot of people who pledged back in 2014, think that they have still pledged.

As this was over three years ago, you have to make a new pledge.

You can do this by simply calling one of the committee members and confirming the amount and they are: Richard Statham 042 944 3215, Michael Payten 042 844 3209, David Harrison 042  864 0258, Eugene Marais 041 765 5332, Tom Beath 041 114 0252, Deb Clarke 047 4159 981, Bill Paul 040 855 5874, Graham Rice 042 709 0587, Geoff Yeo 041 825 9868.

Alternatively, one of the committee members will be in touch over the next two weeks.

The pledge tally is slowly growing and if everybody who pledged in 2014 makes the same or a larger pledge we will be able to obtain our targets.

A pledge is simply an indication of your support for the Bank and will be transferred into shares when the prospectus is issued later in the year.

So make sure that you pick up a form or call one of the Committee Members to make your pledge now.

Cheryl Newsom