Lawler stars on ABC’s Think Tank

Craig Lawler.

Craig Lawler.

Craig Lawler is the resident Bushranger expert on the latest series of the ABC’s Think Tank.

Lawler runs bushranger tours in Canowndra and has spent 11 years researching the history, sorting through the myths and brings the events to life with vivid storytelling and lurid details.

From Gooloogong he’s also a casual relief teacher.

Hosted by grandmaster Paul McDermott, Think Tank screens nightly at 6pm on ABC TV.

Each episode sees three contestants go head to head, pitting their general knowledge and their general luck against each other.

To win the game, they need to pass five, challenging rounds.

Helping or maybe hindering them in their pursuit of game show glory, is the Think Tank of which Lawler is a member.

The Think Tank features seven other relatively ordinary Australians with an extra-ordinary love of trivia and general knowledge.

The eight form a ‘repository of wisdom’ from which the contestants on Think Tank can draw.

They are there to help but sometimes they get it wrong. What happens then? Do the contestants trust their instincts or trust the masses?

Do they tag along with popular opinion or strike out on their own?

The excitement, drama and brain-twisting fun of Think Tank comes in these moments of interaction between the contestants and the Think Tankers.

The ringmaster for this cavalcade of mind-expanding madness is the shy, self-effacing Paul McDermott.

“Australia is about to meet eight wonderfully funny, warm and intelligent people,” McDermott remarks.

“Oh, and I’ll be there too, The Marvellous Mr Me! How could anyone resist?”