Rubbish ruining camp spots around Wyangala Dam | Photos, video

Faeces, nappies, sanitary pads and a broken plastic picnic table – this is just some of the rubbish found by campers at Quart Pot in Wyangala Dam on Tuesday. 

Melissa and Brenden Chambers, who run a blog called “All Around Oz” and travel across Australia, visited the dam on Tuesday to find previous campers had left a lot of rubbish behind. 

Melissa said it was a disgusting sight. 

“We’re really disappointed, really disgusted, there was a lot of personal waste like nappies, feces and sanitary pads,” Melissa said. 

“We pulled up near a tree, got out and all but stood in feces.” 

The pair recorded a video of the rubbish, also noting a broken table and broken glass had been left close to the water’s edge at the camping spot. 

Brenden, who was born and bred in the region, and Melissa, who moved to Cowra in 1990 and frequently went skiing at the Dam, said they have never seen the area this dirty before. 

Melissa said it’s this sort of behavior that results in areas of the dam being closed to the public. 

“We’re avid campers and caravaners, it’s this type of behaviour that leads to these beautiful camping sites being closed down,” Melissa said. 

“I appeal to the public to take their rubbish with them.”

Wyangala Dam Park Manager James Armstrong encouraged visitors to “take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints”. 

“Call into the office and we supply a free garbage bag,” he said. 

“Drop off your rubbish in designated areas or take your rubbish with you, that’s what we encourage.”