Mental Health Walk from Canowindra to Grenfell starts on March 8

A group of Cargo residents is setting out on a journey from the small central west village this week, on March 8, walking the 96km to Grenfell hoping to ease the path of people affected by mental health related issues.

Organiser Toby Barons said the group’s aim is to raise awareness and help improve the lives of people living in rural and remote communities.

Mr Barons completed the walk last year with Sarah Knowles and seven other friends and this year they are looking for more participants.

”We hope to establish a structured event in the hope to raise as much proceeds for the beyondblue foundation and continue to grow and improve upon - all whilst creating a friendly, fun and encouraging experience for all involved,” Mr Barons said.

The Cargo to Grenfell Fundraiser is a three day charity walk planned from March 8 to 10.

On the first day participants will make the trek from Cargo to Canowindra, distance of 36km which, according to Google Maps should take about six and one half hours.

On March 8 the walkers will set off for Gooloogong, a distance of 32.9km which is again expected to take around six and one half hours.

Day three will be the toughest day of the walk with the 47km route from Gooloogong to Grenfell a little uphill.

The time on the road will probably stretch out to more than 10 hours with Google Maps suggesting it is a non stop nine hour and 33 minute day.

“We were all quite oblivious to what we were getting ourselves into - we would all call ourselves reasonably fit, it’s safe to say this was a huge mental and physical challenge for everyone,” Ms Knowles said.

“After finishing the 23km leg on day one, the thought of the final 45km leg on day three was daunting,” she said.

Despite their doubts all nine completed the walk a little sore and weary.

“Whilst sitting in buckets of ice complaining in pain, everyone agreed that it was the experience of a lifetime.

“We all agreed it was also one of the best things we’d ever done. 

“After a lot of work we are now looking for participants, volunteers, sponsors and most importantly donations,” she said. 

While the trek isn’t one for the unfit any one over the age of 18 is eligible to participate.

However you should only consider participating if you have a moderate fitness level as the walk is physically challenging, the organisers warn. 

If you are interested in becoming involved in the walk you should visit the website:

They also have a Facebook page: Cargo to Grenfell fundraiser walk or email for more information.

“The most important part of C2G is giving back to a derserving organisation, therefore donations are crucial,” Ms Knowles said.

“All donation sent through to our online donating platforms go straight to beyondblue.”

To donate any amount great or small visit or