Inspector Morse's visit to Canowindra makes a comeback

A shot from the Inspector Morse episode shot in Canowindra.
A shot from the Inspector Morse episode shot in Canowindra.

Anyone watching 7Two on Tuesday night, March 6 would have been forgiven for doing a double take when some of the region's landmarks featured in an old episode of Inspector Morse.

Released in 1991, the episode "Inspector Morse: Promised Land" followed the usually Oxford-based Morse and Lewis to Australia, where they tried to track down an old informant resettled in the town of 'Hereford' as part of witness protection.

Eagle-eyed viewers would have recognised the town as actually being Canowindra, with the main street, railway station, Belubula Butchery and the Junction Hotel making an appearance. Filming locations also included Cowra, Hartley and Kangaroo Valley, while no journey to the wide brown land would be complete without a visit to the Sydney Opera House.

The episode featured a young John Jarratt as the police officer with a secret, and an even younger Noah Taylor as the missing man's troubled son.

While the episode was full of cliches and stereotypes, falling just short of a kangaroo hopping down the street, the footage of the NSW countryside was stunning.