Deb ball a night to last a lifetime

On Saturday night, 22 senior students of Canowindra High School (mostly Year 11’s) finally saw the fruits of our labour.

Saturday night was, of course, the 48th Annual Canowindra Debutante Ball, complete with gorgeous Debutantes (Debs) and their handsome partners. We have spent over two months painstakingly learning our dance moves, working on our timing and learning how to fit ourselves in a picture.

The evening was complete with our individual and group photographs, Deb and partner introductions, two Debutante dances (Cha Cha and Foxtrot), a dance with a special guest, speeches and a two-course dinner.

During the night, we had the privilege of having a live band perform, ‘The New Normal’.

The clock struck 12, and suddenly the night was over, but we will forever remember Ms Gregson’s finger dancing, my flossing lessons, Jamie’s fantastic dance moves, the boys in their stunning suits and the girls in their fabulous frocks, and of course Ms Davis’ all round hilarity.

Thanks Kylie Bell our wonderful dance teacher, Kristie Springall; our fantastic photographer, Lorraine Daley; for letting us have our photos in her immaculate garden, Mrs Nola Meggitt; for the wonderful bouquets and flowers, Tim Wright and Ken Stanley; our strapping doormen, Tommy Jeffs; for allowing us to commandeer his decorations, Anna Stanley and Ash Wright  for organising the whole evening and putting so much effort into seeing us have fun, Kylie Lawrence; for being a key player in the sheer magic of the night, and for our fantastic cake, Mr Jones; for being our charming MC, Tom Beath; for being our guest of honour, ‘The New Normal’; for putting on such an electrifying performance, several members of staff who attended and shocked us with their youthful dancing, Ms Louise Gregson; for being our guest of honour and Year Advisor, Mother, Confidante and most importantly, our friend. I would also like to thank each and every one of the Debutantes, their partners and our beautiful Pageboy and Flowergirl-Brayth Kennedy and Bronte Lawrence for being so fantastic. My penultimate ‘thank you’ goes to the guests who attended. Finally I would like to thank the Canowindra Services Club Club for hosting us, as well as the Year 9 and 10 students who waited on tables for the night!

I am certain that the night will be one that we will all remember for many years to come.