Kirkman and Nelder take bowls semi final

Last Saturday a semi final of the major pairs was played with Steve Kirkman and Ian Nelder against Garry Fairley and Pat Kennedy. Steve and Ian had control throughout the whole of the game winning 28-13. A major singles match was played with Peter Taylor against Matt Cramp. Peter lead throughout the game winning 32-11. A minor fours match was played with Alan Wyburn David Watt Tot Fisher and Brian McClintock against Larry Nunn Paul Markcrow Tony Tuimauga and Kevin Walker. This was an entertaining game in more ways than one with the players quite jovial towards one another. Kevin Walker's team won the game 23-16.

The winners of the Sunday afternoon mixed mufti bowls were the team of Steve Kirkman Ian Nelder and Nancy Morrow while the runners up were the team of Vinnie Mirto and Joice McNaught. A semi final of the major pairs was played with Cyril and Bruce Webb against Brent Lees and David Beath. This was a close scoring game with the scores level on three occasions. After 17 ends the scores were level at 17 all. On the third last end Cyril and Bruce scored four shots to give them a narrow lead enough to win the game 22-19.

Sunday June 10- Be sure to be at the club by 1.30pm if you wish to participate in the novelty event worth a jackpot in excess of $665. This will be followed by mixed mufti turn around triples bowls with names in by 1.30pm for 2.00pm start. One game of 15 ends. The badge draw of $500 will be drawn between 5.00pm and 6.00pm. Must be in the club to win. Raffles at 5.30pm with tickets on sale from 4.00pm.

Friday badge draw will be $2100.

Bingo this Thursday 11am.