Lachlan Rice is a chip off the old block

Matt Rice and his son Lachlan travelled to Blackheath on Saturday to compete in the Woodchooping at the Rhododendron festival.

Both boys are improving, Matt winning the 300mm underhand final and Lachlan, with his Dad, winning the handicapped Relay.

Lachlan also cut his first ever standing block (the one which is upright and resembles the cutting down of a tree).

The standing block is actually harder than cutting the underhand and is more dangerous.

The underhand looks more dangerous as you’re chopping millimetres between your toes, with a razor sharp axe, but it's actually easier.

Matt made all four finals at the Cowra show a couple of weeks ago and finished with two second places. 

Both boys are keen to hit the training now and younger brother Alex Rice will start chopping too.

Matt said that now that the pool is open circuit training will be commencing in the next week or so.

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