Shrove Tuesday: Five delicious pancake recipes

Picture: Shutterstock
Picture: Shutterstock

It's Shrove Tuesday, also known as pancake day, and we've got your morning sorted. 

Shrove Tuesday is the day before Lent starts on Ash Wednesday and always falls 47 days before Easter Sunday. 

The name comes from the middle English word Shriven, meaning to confess wrongdoings and repent for them. 

Lent always begins on Ash Wednesday, so people traditionally went to confession the day before - Shrove Tuesday. 

Making pancakes was traditionally done to use up all the eggs and fats before families began 40 days of fasting. 

The custom of making pancakes lives on, with many schools and sporting groups participating in the day.

We've gathered some delicious pancake recipes to inspire your breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or dessert, because pancakes are great and there's never a bad time to eat them.