McMahon grabs top ballot spot

Phil Donato.

Phil Donato.

Australian Conservatives candidate Garry McMahon scored the top spot on the ballot paper for the state election seat of Orange,  but there were mixed results for the key candidates.

Nationals candidate Kate Hazelton, who did not attend Thursday's draw will be second on the ticket while the Member for Orange Phil Donato is at the bottom of the nine-candidate list for the March 23 poll.

Mr Donato said he did not believe it would be crucial.

"It doesn't really matter where you are, top, bottom or in the middle. The electorate is not silly they know who they want to vote for. The donkey vote has always been worth one or two per cent, if that, traditionally," he said.

​Mr McMahon was elated with the top position which traditionally gains "donkey votes" from people who simply fill out their vote by numbering one in the top square or number 1-9 down the list.

"It makes feel really special, it makes me feel that I've really got some things going for me," Mr McMahon said.

"I'm so pleased to be there, to be number one with Kate Hazelton number two.

"For most voters the natural order of things is to look at the top of the list and work our way down from so my name will be there.

"I've relied a lot on getting out and meeting people. I've been to every single town in the electorate in the last two weeks.

"Being at the top of the list is also important because the people I have spoken to and given information to will recognise my name."

Mrs Hazelton said she was pleased with getting second spot.

"I'm really happy with that," she said.

Mrs Hazelton said she was in Parkes meeting business owners and could not attend the draw.

"I'd double booked. I had a representative there."


  • 1 Garry McMahon (Conservatives)
  • 2 Kate Hazelton (Nationals)
  • 3 Maurice Davey (Christian Democrats)
  • 4 Terri Ann Baxter (Independent)
  • 5 David O'Brien (Keep Sydney Open)
  • 6 Luke Sanger (Country Labor)
  • 7 Stephen Nugent (Greens)
  • 8 Stephen Bisgrove (Liberal Democrats)
  • 9 Phil Donato (Shooters, Fishers, Farmers).