Belubula anti-mine lobby off to a flyer

The Belubula Headwaters Protection Group have produced a flyer detailing the concerns they believe need to be addressed by the developer of the McPhillamy gold mine, Regis Resources.

The flyer addresses a common thread throughout the community according to the president of the group, Daniel Sutton.

“So many people that I and other members of the group chat to are basically unaware of the simple facts around the mine, such as the size and location,” he said.

“So we are taking it upon ourselves to let people know what is being proposed.”

The flyer was created in anticipation of the release of the Environmental Impact Statement in the next few months.

Mr Sutton said residents should consider writing a submission after the EIS is made public.

“We understand that Regis Resources already conducted some information days last year, but many of the community did not attend.

The group's greatest concerns outlined in the flyer are the negative impacts that they see occurring to the Belubula River, the visual and noise impact in the area around the mine, and the possible future transportation of ore from the Discovery Ridge mine in Mandurama.

They are also requesting details on the claimed 250 jobs to be creating stating there is no documentation saying this will include local residents.

Mr Sutton said the purpose of the flyer was to educate and engage the community.

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