Who will be crowned champion?

The Event Director has 19 possible events to choose from, dependent on the weather, that pilots and their crews will compete in throughout the Canowindra International Balloon Challenge, in the hope of taking out the title and flying off with trophies and prize money. The following events are options to see each team battle it out in a show of skill to see who is named the 2019 champion.

  • Pilot Declared Goal
  • Judge Declared Goal
  • Hesitation Waltz
  • Fly In
  • Fly On
  • Hare and Hounds
  • Watership Down
  • Race to an Area
  • Gordon Bennett Memorial
  • Calculate Rate of Approach
  • Elbow
  • Land Run
  • Shortest Flight
  • Minimum Distance
  • Minimum Distance Double Drop
  • Minimum Distance Time
  • Maximum Distance
  • Maximum Distance Double Drop
  • Angle

Each event has different tasks and goals to achieve meaning different pilots can take advantages of their strengths while trying to exploit others weaknesses. To get more of an idea about what kind of tasks and rules are involved across the Balloon Challenge the following is a brief guide to some of the exciting events on offer.

Judge Declared Goal

Competitors will attempt to drop a marker close to a goal selected by the organisers. The score will be determined by the distance between the marker and the goal. The closer pilots get to the goal, the better.

Hare and Hound

Competitors will chase a hare balloon and attempt to drop a marker close to the target indicated by the hare. This should be done within a distance of two meters upwind of its basket after Ianding. The score will be determined by the distance from marker to target. The shorter the distance, the better.

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Competitors attempt to display the greatest possible change of direction during their flight. Change of direction is measured on the angles between three points A, B and C. A wider angle means a better score.

Land Run

Competitors will attempt to fly following a triangular route within three points. They should aim at making the area of their triangle as wide as possible.