Court tells man to act like a grown up

A 22-year-old former Canowindra man has been given an 18-month supervised community corrections order at Cowra Local Court on July 3.

Tommy James Pye of Junction Reefs Road, Mandurama, was before the court charged with intimidation intending fear or physical harm, damaging property and contravening an AVO.

According to police facts on April 2, Pye went to an address named in the AVO with his mother to collect some belongings.

While there, the victim arrived to help. An argument started between the two and Pye became abusive to the victim.

According to the facts, he threw a plate weight against a loungeroom wall, smashed a frying pan against a kitchen, damaged the kitchen table with a samurai sword, causing a coffee cup to smash and he threw a glass ashtray against a bedroom wall.

The victim then locked Pye out of the house, which resulted in him punching through a window in the door, causing the glass to smash and cutting the victim. As the victim cleaned up, Pye and his mother stood outside yelling abuse at the victim before leaving.

On April 3, Pye attended Cowra Police Station where he was arrested and made admissions to police.

Pye's solicitor, Jo Collings, told the court due her client's age, he was not able to cope with finding out the victim was having a relationship with a neighbour and lost his temper.

In sentencing Pye, Magistrate Michael O'Brien noted a sentence assessment report stated Pye had a troubled upbringing and seemed to be repeating "the sins of the past".

"He has ingrained attitudes about victim blaming that seem to be reinforced by those closest to him," he said.

"However long the relationship was, it had broken down as there was an application for an AVO already in place.

"It's clear it had broken down due to his conduct, which might explain why the victim sort solace in another's company. I see too often men covering the full spectrum of age show they can't cope with life's stresses.

"Everyone comes across moments when they get upset and angry but what distinguishes them is how they deal with it," he said.

Magistrate O'Brien said the only positive from the situation was Pye had plead guilty and accepted his actions.

"He is old enough to vote, to carry arms in defence of the Commonwealth if called upon, old enough to do a lot of things, which means he needs to be of civilised behavior in the community," he said.

"Mr Pye you are a grown adult act like one."

Magistrate O'Brien made it a condition of Pye's order that he must enrol in and satisfactorily complete any anger management programs given to him by his community correction supervisor and afterwards to comply with the reasonable directions of his health care professionals.

He said any failure of Pye to meet those conditions would be a breach of his order and Pye would be back before the court.