Search for walkers: Rescue operations underway for hikers in Tasmania

Five experienced bushwalkers were caught in blizzard-like conditions in two of Northern Tasmania's most iconic and unforgiving hiking locations overnight.

Two NSW hikers were rescued from the Walls of Jerusalem National Park near Junction Lake on Monday.

The experienced walkers were scheduled to complete their walk on July 15, but activated their EPIRB about 10.30am on Sunday when they realised they could not walk in the conditions and wouldn't reach their destination in a reasonable time.

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter searched for the pair, but was unable to reach them due to poor weather conditions.

About 5pm a search and rescue team attempted to walk to the location, but were forced to turn back because of the depth of the snow.

Three police search and rescue members were sent in about 2am, but they also found conditions too difficult to walk in and retreated.

About 9am on Monday the pair was rescued by the helicopter.

A father and daughter are attempting to reach Pelion Hut after telling a family member they were in blizzard conditions and struggling to walk.

The experienced walkers were at Lake St Clair National Park about 4pm Sunday, trekking near Kia Ora Hut, when they reported being cold and tired, so they set up camp about one-kilometre south of Pelion Gap.

Lake St Clair file picture

Lake St Clair file picture

The helicopter attempted to reach the pair, but again weather prevented the rescue from occurring.

Tasmania Police Launceston Inspector Darren Hopkins said it was recommended walkers take emergency equipment such as an EPIRB, Spot or similar device.

"This is a timely reminder to visitors to our national parks to carefully consider weather conditions during the intended walk to ensure they have sufficient food and rations for possible delays due to weather and suitable equipment and clothing," Inspector Darren Hopkins said.

Michael Bowman failed to return to the Lake St Claire visitor centre on Saturday, with search and rescue efforts for the missing hiker ramped up at Cradle Mountain on Monday.

Three police search and rescue rescue teams, a police marine vessels and a team of SES volunteers are looking for 57-year-old.

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