Court tells man his reputation is sullied

A 21-year-old Canowindra man has been fined $400, disqualified from driving for three months and given two community corrections orders at Cowra Local Court.

Kevin William Beath of Lynn Street was before the court charged with receiving stolen property and driving a motor vehicle while his licence was suspended.

According to police facts, on February 17 a lawn mower was stolen from a victim's secure garage.

On March 28 the victim was passing through Canowindra when he saw the mower sitting in the open garage of Beath's residence.

The victim checked the serial number and recovered the mower. Police spoke to Beath who admitted to buying the mower for $300 from another person who told him it was worth $1300.

He admitted to police that the mower was probably stolen but didn't ask any questions of where the mower came from.

In a separate incident Beath was seen driving by two off-duty police officers around 10.25am on May 15.

The officers saw Beath drive into a local service station. The officers were aware Beath was a disqualified driver due to a meeting several weeks prior.

The officers informed Beath he could not drive and needed to swap with his passenger. Beath agreed and the officers informed him they would speak to him at a later date.

Beath's solicitor Geoff Casey told the court his client's actions were an "extreme contradiction of his behaviour."

"He went and employed someone to drive for him and that person was there when he elected to drive," Mr Casey said.

"For him to do that is of the upmost stupidity. He has completed the traffic offenders program and is capable of understanding his obligations in regards to his licence."

Magistrate Michael O'Brien agreed saying Beath's actions were, "like hiring a guard dog and doing your own barking."

In addressing the stolen property Magistrate O'Brien questioned Beath's attitude in regards to his reputation.

"It used to be and I hope it still is, that a man's reputation and standing in the community meant something," he said.

"If it was challenged by another then two men would meet on the field of honor at dawn with sabers drawn.

"You have sullied your reputation, you came here with a very limited history and the benefit of a non-conviction bond previously.

"Very few people realise the importance of a good criminal history. You have to understand that we live in a civilized society and we have to live within the rules that apply to us.

"For this offence you could have faced three years in prison, all for a lawn mower. It's never to late to resolve to do better and I hope you do."