Donato: rego, bike trails and helping the community

Phil Donato with Chris Grevsmuhl (left) and Steve Morris (right) of the Brothers 4 Recovery - Drug, Alcohol and Mental Health Charity.
Phil Donato with Chris Grevsmuhl (left) and Steve Morris (right) of the Brothers 4 Recovery - Drug, Alcohol and Mental Health Charity.

Postal Notification for Rego Renewal

Many people across the Orange electorate have contacted my office following receipt of traffic infringement notices for driving an unregistered vehicle, which they were unaware was unregistered due to not receiving a renewal notice by post.

For those who brought this to my attention, I submitted a question to the Minister.

I asked: considering that $240 million revenue was raised from unregistered vehicle fines over the last six years since the window displayed registration stickers were phased out, will consideration be given to providing customers of RMS with the option of receiving a postal reminder for the renewal of their vehicle registration, also changing the public perception that the RMS is a service instead of a revenue raising entity?

The Minister advised that customers are posted a renewal notice six weeks before the registration due date.

He also stated that customers can register for email reminders to remind them to renew their registration before the due date and to alert them if the registration is overdue.

Considering the amount of revenue raised, I'm not convinced everyone is receiving notification by mail.

But I'd certainly recommend to head to the RMS website to sign up for the email reminders to avoid this unfortunate outcome.

Mountain Bike Trails

Last week the NSW Minister for Energy and Environment, Matt Kean MP, kindly responded to my invitation to visit Orange so that we could discuss the Mt Canobolas Mountain Bike project.

While he was here, I took the Minister for a tour of the mountain, before meeting with stakeholders from both the Cabonne Shire and Orange City Councils at the summit.

The project will have an enormous benefit to the Orange and broader region, and we're hopeful the NSW Government will support it so that it becomes a reality.

Thanks to Rod Farrell, owner of DG Cycles, for kindly supplying the E-bikes for us to experience our ride on the mountain.

My Community Projects

Public voting is now open for My Community Projects across the Orange electorate, with up to $260,000 allocated for projects to improve the wellbeing of the people in our community.

With 41 projects across the electorate, be sure you have your say in which projects would like to see this government invest funding towards.

Go to to see details of each project and submit your vote.

Brothers 4 Recovery

Recently I met up with Chris Grevsmuhl and Steve Morris of the Brothers 4 Recovery - Drug, Alcohol & Mental Health Charity, which was borne from a noticeable gap in the health service surrounding issues such as mental health, suicide prevention, drug and alcohol addiction and more.

Brothers 4 Recovery is a Not For Profit Charity Delivering a range of services and workshops around mental health, suicide prevention, drug and alcohol addiction, resilience and wellbeing.

The charity is based from Orange but provides workshops and forums throughout NSW, QLD, VIC and ACT.

Check them out on Facebook: Brothers 4 Recovery.

Well done to the team for this very worthwhile initiative.