Call for input on Canowindra Master Plan

With every town and village in Cabonne either having completed or meeting to discuss their Master Plan, it is now Canowindra's turn.

A Master Plan essential to ensure the future viability of our town, create opportunities for Canowindra, and enable Canowindra to enhance its community assets and attractions.

Cumnock, on completing their Master Plan, were successful in attracting substantial grants to enable them to carry out their projects.

This Master Plan will link into Cabonne Council's Strategic Plan for Canowindra:

  • What do we want the village to look like in five years' time?
  • What can we do to attract more people to the village, either as tourists or residents?
  • What section of the village needs redeveloping?

Come along to the public meeting on Wednesday, November 13 at 7pm and have your input, whether as an individual, association, sporting club or business.

If you are an organisation, could you elect someone to deliver a short five minute presentation on what you see as the future for Canowindra.

Following this meeting, we can set up the Canowindra Community Action Plan Working Group; which could commit to establishing the following actions:

  1. Coordinate Canowindra's future through a Master Plan, precincts (museum, sporting) and individual developments
  2. Communicate with the Canowindra community (inclusive of culture and heritage)
  3. Develop tourism in Canowindra to its full potential
  4. Plan infrastructure and projects
  5. Apply for grants - Federal, State and Local governments
  6. Work with Cabonne Council to include these projects into Council's Strategic Plan.

For more information contact Jenny Weaver on 6344 1335, Cheryl Newsom on 0411 211 065 or any member of the Canowindra Business and Progress Association.