Canowindra's watering holes promote Plan B campaign

Canowindra's watering holes promote Plan B campaign

Canowindra Services Club and the town's hotels are determined to do their bit to reduce drink driving by joining forces to promote the Plan B campaign.

Plan B is a statewide initiative encouraging patrons to think about alternatives to driving home after a night out.

Cabonne Councils' Road Safety Officer, Andrea Hamilton-Vaughan, said that drink driving is one of the biggest causes of death and injury on NSW roads.

"Country people are at particular risk given the lack of public transport or other options for getting home," Andrea Hamilton-Vaughan said.

Alcohol related crashes claimed the lives of at least 64 people on NSW roads last year, accounting for 18 per cent of all road fatalities and included 52 lives lost on country roads.

During December, patrons at participating pubs, clubs and bottle shops will be invited to enter a competition to win a swag valued at $250 by nominating a Plan B for getting home.

"Catch a cab, walk home or throw a swag out on a mate's floor - we don't mind what your Plan B is, so long as it's not driving home," Ms Hamilton-Vaughan said.

"Every entry puts patrons in the running to win a swag - there is one available at every pub, club and bottle shop taking part.

"The competition will be drawn on New Year's Eve. The prize reinforces the Plan B message that there's always an alternative to drink driving."

The promotion coincides with enhanced police enforcement, reminding drivers that RBT means you need a Plan B, especially following the introduction of tougher drink driving penalties earlier this year.

Since May 2019, drivers who commit a low range drink driving offence for the first time will have their licence suspended immediately, effective for three months. This will be coupled with a significant fine (currently $572). A low range drink drive reading is a blood alcohol level between 0.05 and 0.079. The reforms deliver swifter, consistent and more certain penalties for drink driving in NSW.

"When planning a night out we encourage local patrons to think about a Plan B, but the best advice is to leave the car at home. That way there's no temptation to try to drive home. A crash or drink driving charge would not make for a happy new year," Ms Hamilton-Vaughan warned.


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