Canowindra Masonic Lodge to help those in need

In an attempt to ease some of the hardships brought on by the coronavirus, the Canowindra Masonic Lodge is taking calls to assist those in need.

The Lodge is hoping to generate a priority list in an attempt to provide assistance to those experiencing any challenges at home due to the virus and those with exceptional circumstances who need some assistance with obtaining essential supplies.

Lodge member Paul Cooper said they where hoping to network within the community to get help to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged.

"Unfortunately you can see a lot of human nature that's added to the problem," he said.

"But at least now people are trying to rectify some of the wrongs that have been forced upon people.

"If people are struggling and want to get help, we're by no means guaranteeing we are going to be able to, at least if we can get a trend of what's needed and by how much then we can start asking the questions a bit more concisely," he said.

If you can assist or are in need of assistance please call Paul Cooper on 0400 796 591 this Friday from 10am to 4pm.