Speeding drivers, drug users, party goers cop extra COVID-19 fines

The latest fines given for breaching COVID-19 public health orders

Young people, including those in possession of drugs, are making up a high number of people in breach of public health orders.

Five teenagers going for a drive at midnight on Saturday in Cobar, NSW should not have been out for two reasons: coronavirus restrictions and the fact the driver was in a P1 licence and could not have passengers under 25-years-old at that time of night.

But their actions became worse when they came across the driver of a Holden Commodore who was stopped in floodwaters and tried to flag them down on the Kidman Highway.

Instead of stopping to help, the Hilux driver circled around the Commodore several times, flooding it with more water.

Police found the Hilux bogged nearby later that morning.

The 17-year-old driver was charged with negligent driving and failing to obey probationary restrictions.

He and another 17-year-old passenger were also fined $1000 each for breaching public health rules to stay home.

Being out with drugs was also no excuse for a 20-year-old man and a 15-year-old boy at Sanctuary Point in NSW on Tuesday.

They tried to run away when spotted by police on patrol at 10.50pm.

The teenager was allegedly found in possession of MDMA and his when his adult friend refused to go home, police fined him $1000.

A 16-year-old learner driver from Launceston, charged with evading police and driving in excess of 130km/h, has been hit with the added offence of failing to comply with public health restrictions.

Police added a second public health charge after they discovered he had also allegedly evaded police earlier in the week.

But in South Australia, it was not young people busted having a mid-week party in breach of social distancing rules, but adults in their 30s to 50s.

Police responded to noise complaints at a house on Main Street, Port Augusta on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Officers gave the party goers warnings about the rules on banned gatherings three times before they attended a fourth time just after 11.20am on Wednesday.

Eleven people were eventually fined $1060 each for breaching the rules.

South Australia Police Commissioner Grant Stevens said extra police resources would be deployed to regional areas this long weekend to monitor travellers and enforce public gathering and social distancing rules.

"Our endeavour is to minimise that impact by ensuring people comply with the social distancing and crowd gathering rules that we've put in place. This includes practicing social distancing by leaving a 1.5-metre gap between yourself and others and by not having more than 10 people in a group," he said.

"So far we have seen great compliance by South Australian's abiding by the COVID-19 restrictions; and the advice from medical professionals but we must all keep up the good work and not become complacent."

While in Tasmania, helicopters will be in the skies checking to see if people are following the rules.

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