Bowls singles competitions going strong

Last Saturday three major singles matches were played.

Crock Watt played Clinka McClintock where Crock had a comfortable win 32-16.

Teddy Lawrence played Harry Webb where Harry did not have the best of days with Teddy winning 31-3.

Peter Taylor played Phil Lees where Peter had another narrow win 31-30.

Last Sunday a major singles match was played. Ian Nelder played Nick Delaney where Ian took control early in the game to win the match 31-19.

Two minor singles matches were played.

Garry Fairley played Harry Webb where Harry had a better day winning 32-27.

Clinka McClintock played Jack Webb where Clinka had a comfortable win 32-13.

Saturday, July 4: Major pairs semi finals - M. Lawrence and A. Robson verses G. Fairley and R. Symons.

V. Mirto and T. Tuimauga verses A. Wyburn and P. Lees.

Major singles - D. Beath verses B. Bourke, marker I. Nelder.

Sunday, July 5: Minor singles - B. McClintock verses M. Traves Marker J. Webb.

L. Nunn verses H. Webb Marker G. Fairley.

Major Singles - I. Nelder verses P. Taylor Marker D. Beath.

D. Watt verses R. Traves Marker V. Mirto.

Nominations are now called for the major and minor triples.

Nominations are open for the Zone 4 open, seniors and President pairs and triples.

Our club will be a venue for a section of the Zone 4 Presidents triples.

Nomination sheets showing dates and venues are on the notice board.

Wednesday badge draw will be $1500. Friday badge draw will be $900. Sunday badge draw will be $950