Beath best in major singles final

Picture: Amy Paton
Picture: Amy Paton

Last week the minor singles final was played with Terry Mooney against Crock Watt.

Crock was always in control of this game winning the final 32-23.

Last Saturday the major singles final was played with Dool Beath against Ian Nelder.

For 25 ends Ian was able to lead the game with the score at this stage being 18-15.

On the next end Dool was able to score four shots to put him in front 19-18.

From then on Dool took control of the match to win the final 32-23.

Dool has now won seven major singles titles, two ahead of Phil Jones who indicated he is making a comeback trying to match Dool's record.

The major pairs final was also played with Teddy Lawrence and Barney Robson winning against Westy Wyburn and Phil Lees.

The minor triples final was also played with Brad Bourke, Nigel Knight and Michael Traves against Larry Nunn, Nick Delaney and Crock Watt.

Michael's team had a comfortable win 22-10.

Saturday, August 8 - Major triples - A. Robson, P. Jones and R. Fitzgerald V T. Mooney, R. Symons and G. Fairley.

Sunday, August 9 - Major triples - M. Traves, N. Knight, B. Bourke V I. Nelder, B. McClintock and S. Kirkman.

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