Men's triples finals moved to this weekend

Men's triples finals moved to this weekend

Saturday, September 19: Major triples final - P. Jones, A. Robson and R. Fitzgerald verses A. Wyburn, T. Tuimauga and M. Lawrence.

Sunday, September 20: Major fours - T. Mooney, W. Fisher, S. Kirkman and I. Nelder versus G. Fairley, R. Symons, L. Nunn and D. Watt.

P. Kennedy, P. Taylor, D. Beath and R. Traves versus V. Mirto, B. McClintock and B. Lees.

Nominations are now open for the consistency singles and O'Brien Cup.

Memberships for 2020-2021 are now due. Portion of full membership for registered bowlers is $40.

Wednesday badge draw will be $500. Friday badge draw will be $2000. Sunday badge draw will be $350.

Bingo this Thursday 11am.