Canowindra High School Year 12 enjoy fairytale formal

Canowindra High School's Year 12 students celebrated the end of their HSC exams with a slightly reworked graduation dinner.

Organised by the students' parents, the cohort enjoyed a private function at the Canowindra Services Club on Friday, November 13.

One of the organising parents, Ash Wright, said the students had enjoyed the evening together.

"It was a nice end to a tough year because of so many events being cancelled," she said.

"It was a good end to their last week of exams, they had a nice meal and a few of them could get up and dance so it was fun."

Ms Wright said while COVID-19 rules had restricted the school's involvement there had been support given.

"We couldn't organise it in the normal way, the school wasn't able to organise it or the P&C if we wanted dancing, so that's why it became a parent-organised event supported by the club within their COVID safe rules," she said.

"But it was fine, the club were fantastic in terms of the short notice, they were holding out on some rules changing so the Education Department could do it, but it just didn't happen.

"So the teachers still couldn't come but we had a video presentation from the school which was shown on the night, which was nice of them to do.

"And we did get some P&C support in terms of decorations and photography which kept the price down so we'd love to thank them."

While organised slightly differently, the usual elements were present with speeches from the captains and a cake supplied by Kylie Lawrence. The evening was emceed by ex-student Sam Townsend who was a Year 12 student when the 2020 cohort started Year 7.

Ms Wright said the parents were looking forward to seeing the group receive their HSC results and wished them good luck.