VIDEO: Police investigating after cyclist hit by car on Newcastle Inner City Bypass

Police are investigating footage showing a cyclist being hit by a car in Newcastle in NSW's Hunter region on the weekend.

The footage, which has been shared widely on social media, shows the cyclist was clipped by a passing vehicle while riding with a group in the break-down lane.

The force of the collision resulted in the bike knocking over another cyclist and several riders being flung from their bicycles.

Police said the incident took place between 7.40am and 8am on Saturday along the Newcastle Inner City Bypass, near Sandgate Road.

"The incident has been reported to police and officers have commenced inquiries," a NSW Police spokesperson said.

"Anyone with information is urged to come forward."

Newcastle Cycleways Movement president Sam Reiche said while he didn't know the cyclist who was hit, he said the footage showed they were acting within the law.


"They are entitled to ride two abreast on the road and stay over to the left as far as they can, which they were doing," Mr Reiche said.

"Motorists are required to give them one metre if travelling below 60km/h or 1.5 metres if travelling over 60km/h.

"It's only by the grace of god that the cyclists weren't injured much more severely. No one should be hit by moving vehicles in any circumstance.

"I hope people do learn from this, we need to look out for each other on the road."

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