New building officially opened at Canowindra Preschool

It was all smiles and laughter as a new building was officially opened at Canowindra Preschool on Friday morning.

The preschool's staff, families and children were joined by board members, both past and present, Member for Calare, Andrew Gee and Member for Orange, Phil Donato to mark the occasion.

The new building, which was made possible by $246,000 in funding from Capital Works Grants, features a new administration office and space for the centre's out of school hours care program.

Director of Canowindra Preschool Inc, Liz Francis, said the staff, board and wider community has gotten behind the expansion.

"We're very lucky, we're really supported really well here in Canowindra," she said.

"We've always had a really strong, really proactive and incredible board and they volunteer so many hours and none of this can actually happen without them.

"We have an extremely supportive community and everyone just loves preschool so much, everyone values the preschool and the importance of the preschool."

Mrs Francis thanked both the state and federal government, the board, staff, Steve Flannery and her family for their support.

Mr Gee said the new building has a "modern, clean and fresh" feel to it.

"As soon as you walk into this place, you're immediately struck by one thing - what a wonderful place to learn," he said.

"How lucky are these kids to be in Canowindra, to have such a wonderful facility like this to learn and grow in, it is really a very special place."

Mr Gee said staff, families and the board should be proud of their efforts.

"Something like this just doesn't happen overnight," he said.

"Many years of work has gone into this. The new building is absolutely magnificent.

"To the board and everyone involved not only in the running of this preschool but in terms of the improvements, congratulations to you all."

Mr Donato said facilities such as the preschool are an asset to Canowindra.

"It's great that we're able to have a facility like this in Canowindra that's easily accessible for locals," he said.

"It's great for working families... if we want to encourage people to move to the country and more importantly, small villages... we need to be able to provide places where you can work, but importantly where young people can go to school and be educated and also have the benefits of after school care as well."

"Well done to everyone involved."