Learn more about being a councillor

Cabonne Council general manager Brad Byrnes.

Cabonne Council general manager Brad Byrnes.

Locals will have the opportunity to learn more about standing as a candidate at this year's local government elections, at an information session in May.

The council's General Manager Brad Byrnes, in a report to Tuesday's council meeting, said pre-election candidate information sessions enable those interested in becoming a councillor to gain a better understanding of the role and responsibilities as an elected member of council.

Council has been able to organise a pre-election information session to be delivered by LGNSW with Blayney Shire Council.

Council will share the cost with Blayney Shire with one session being delivered in each area in May, with a date and venue to be determined.

These sessions typically go for 2.5 - 3hrs and cover:

The benefits and importance of Local Government;

Understanding the role of Council and the role of the Councillor;

A typical council structure;

Challenges of the role and how to meet them;

The importance of diverse representation on Council;

Importance of speaking out on key issues and how to do this confidently;

An introduction to Meeting procedures and rules of debate;

Support available including information and networks;

Introduction to local government jargon and what it means, and

Putting it together: making the commitment.

Mr Byrnes also proposed that a second session be run in Cabonne by the staff Executive Leadership Team in the period between the opening of nominations on June 28 and the closing of nominations on August 4.

"This session will provide information more specific to Cabonne Council such as its functions, structure, meeting schedule, local challenges and opportunities," Mr Byrne wrote.

NSW Electoral Commission have issued advice about covering the legislated responsibilities of candidate and councillors around the election itself, such as nominating and the rules around campaigning.

They are strongly suggesting that candidates consult with the NSWEC to get a full understanding of the processes and their obligations.