Local film set to showcase Woodstock talents at Flickerfest

A film still from Dust Cloud by Trudi Houston.

A film still from Dust Cloud by Trudi Houston.

A local tale about "what happens when a talented working dog finds himself in unfamiliar surroundings" is set to feature when Flickerfest arrives in Canowindra on April 16, April 17 and April 30.

"Dust Cloud", written and directed by Woodstock local Trudi Houston, was filmed in the Central West region in early 2020 before being selected for Flickerfest.

Ms Housten said the film developed after taking out the Banjo Patterson Short Story Writers Competition.

"Just living on my farm with my work dog, I just found him to be the most funny and human character," she said.

"He just blew my mind with how human he was and how much we could read each others' minds.

"I just wanted to write a short story about it and then I wanted to, because I have a background in film from my university days, I just thought, would it be great to just make a film about this dog."

Ms Housten then commenced a Masters degree through the Australian Film, Television and Radio School in Sydney.

"I decided to do a two year full time Masters degree, knowing that I wanted to make a professional film," she said.

"I got accepted into the screenwriting strand of the Masters degree and they helped me shaped the script to professional quality and then other Masters students such as the cinematographer and the sound and the music composer all contributed to that side of the film."

Ms Housten said it was critical to utilise local talent for the film.

"Authenticity was key to this film so I cast locals for all the roles except for leading actress Sandy Gore who hails from Mudgee," she said.

Father and son Cowra duo, Pete and Ben Watt play the farmer and young farmhand respectively.

"Everyone agreed they looked great together on screen," Ms Housten said.

"Just such a lovely contribution of both on-screen and off-screen local talent who contributed towards the film."

"Dust Cloud" was then selected as one of 200 films for Flickerfest out of 2700 entries.

"It was such a dream... it's what you would hope to do in Australia, Flickerfest is Academy award qualifying, if you win Flickerfest," she said.

"I didn't win it but it's still a great honour."

Ms Housten said she is looking forward to the film being screened in Canowindra across three different programs.

"The film seems to appeal to a lot of different types of people from young 20-something males at film school to over 50-something females who are working on the land with work dogs," she said.

"It does appeal to a broad range of people, but there are quirky little one liners that I think I can't wait to see the locals react to."

After the success of Flickerfest, Ms Housten said she is now in the process of writing an attached feature film.

"Dust Cloud" will screen in Canowindra as a part of the 2021 Flickerfest tour on April 16, 17 and 30.

Tickets and more information can be found by visiting https://flickerfest.com.au/tour/canowindra-nsw/