Broncos mull Adam Reynolds or Mitch Moses question

Mitch Moses could be a dominant force as a centrepiece with the Brisbane Broncos. Photo: Matt Blyth/Getty Images
Mitch Moses could be a dominant force as a centrepiece with the Brisbane Broncos. Photo: Matt Blyth/Getty Images

Adam Reynolds or Mitch Moses? If you are Kevin Walters and the Brisbane Broncos, which playmaker do you target and make the big play for with a view to dragging the club out of the doldrums and into premiership contention over the next few years.

Whichever one they decide on, they are going to have to be very aggressive in their approach because there is no guarantee either will be looking to get out of Sydney. So just like the Cowboys have done with Chad Townsend, the Broncs are going to have to come up with an offer that makes it too hard to refuse. So who do they go after?

The question I'm asking if I'm Kevvie is, am I going to be given enough time to develop a halfback, or do I think he's got to be good to go from the outset?

Reynolds fits the South Sydney system because he doesn't have to be that dynamic playmaker that has to come up with try assists and line breaks. His role within that team is control and game management. He allows Latrell Mitchell, he allows Damien Cook, he allows Cody Walker to play how they want to play - that ad-lib style. But if it starts to go wrong, he's the one who brings them back to centre. He pulls the game back in and gets things under control if they start to get too aggressive and make too many errors with that expansive style they love to play.

He has the ability to calm things down and can restore a set-for-set mentality, kick to the corners, build pressure again and get his side back in the flow of the game. That's what he is really good at - game management.

Moses is developing that, although he's not at Reynolds' level yet. But in his favour, he's also got a running and passing game that can deliver you those big moments. The question mark around Mitch has always been can he do it in the big games?

Rightly or wrongly, halfbacks live and die by the result of the game. That's why they get paid the big bucks. When you're a halfback, it's about steering your side into elite class and ultimately to a premiership.

The question for the Broncos is have they seen enough maturity in Moses to sign him long-term? Or do they instead put their eggs in Reynolds' basket, knowing what they are going to get from him straight away?

The upside is more with Moses, but the risk is probably with him as well because he hasn't done it consistently. You know what Reynolds is going to bring you. But if you can bring out the best in Moses, he is one of the elite players in the competition on his day. That's what the Broncos would be weighing up right now, if they haven't already done so.

They will also be looking at the financial factor and what that will do to the balance of their roster. Moses will cost them more and to leave Parramatta and Sydney, he'll want a fat, long-term deal that gives him plenty of security. Reynolds may not cost them as much. But from all reports, enticing him away from Redfern and up to Brisbane is going to take a pretty special deal. But like I said earlier, Brisbane need to be very aggressive with their pitch to whichever player they decide to have a crack at, otherwise they will be wasting everyone's time.

I think I'd be backing myself to get the best out of Moses, because he could be a dominant force with that franchise up there for many years to come. But at the same time, I can clearly see why they might believe Reynolds is the right way to go. It's going to be intriguing to see how it plays out.

Latrell hard done by

You know there is something amiss with our judiciary system when Latrell Mitchell is rubbed out for four matches for his hit on David Nofoaluma.

I could understand him getting one match and at a stretch, you could maybe justify two ... but four weeks?

Yes, I know he had loading but a grade two charge in the first place, I believe, was too tough a penalty for what he did.

He should have successfully had the charge downgraded.

Remaining games


Even without Latrell, I'm expecting the Rabbitohs to have too much class for the Titans, who were terribly disappointing against Manly in Mudgee. My tip: Souths


The Broncos are a chance if they repeat their effort against the Panthers last week, but I can't trust them enough to tip against the Eels in this one. My tip: Eels


The Sharks may not have the brilliance of the big guns, but they have plenty of tenacity. Provided they don't take the Dogs for granted here, they should get up. My tip: Sharks


Ricky Stuart has shaken up his side big time with some big names axed after the Eels' defeat. And when you shake the tree and ruffle feathers, you expect a response.

Another loss here and the alarm bells will be ringing in Canberra. My tip: Raiders


It's amazing what one player can do for a footy team.

Tommy Turbo's scintillating return against the Titans was remarkable and the confidence he will have given his side is immeasurable. My tip: Manly


I love the traditional Anzac Day clash between these too clubs.

There is talk of the Roosters' pack potentially losing some big names before kick-off, but on face value at the moment, they should just get home. My tip: Roosters


I didn't think the Storm could win the comp again without Cameron Smith, but I've changed my mind and they will win this one. My tip: Storm

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