Orange COVID lockdown: MP Phil Donato calls for vaccination hub

Long queues for testing.
Long queues for testing.

Orange's Member for Parliament as well as the city's mayor have called on the federal government to make vaccinations more readily available to residents as the region faces at least a week of lockdown.

MP Phil Donato said the only way to mitigate the risk and reduce the chance of spreading the virus was by being vaccinated, calling for an increased supply of doses.

"We still have a lot of young people who want to be vaccinated, those under 30, but they're waiting months and months for them to become available," he said.

"I booked mine, it took me four or five weeks to get into get my first shot of Pfizer which I had last week but we need more vaccinations and to get more people vaccinated as soon as we possibly can in our region."

Mr Donato said the federal government had not given him access to vaccination figures for the region.

"I'm in the process of writing today to the federal health minister and also our federal member to call upon them to increase vaccination supplies for your region," Mr Donato said.

"That's really important, that's the only way we are going to get out of this realistically, regardless on what people's opinion may be on vaccination, you know, you either get vaccinated or you want to continue living in lockdown.

"I got vaccinated and I would encourage people to get vaccinated, that's the only way out of this."

Between noon Monday, July 12, and 5pm Friday, July 16, 956 people had received their first dose of the vaccine - with many others needing to be turned away.

"[It] shows there is a demand out there for vulnerable people looking to get vaccinated as soon as they can," LiveBetter Executive General Manager Adam Phillips said.

The pop-up was established by LiveBetter with support from NSW Health and Aspen Medical to vaccinate people with disabilities as well as their families to "put a safety barrier around some of the community's most vulnerable".

Western NSW Health's Scott McLachlan says if you want to get vaccinated now AstraZeneca is readily available.

"If you want to get vaccinated now we know it is a good solution.

"You'll find a lot of supply," he said.