Boost for Cadia's Community Partnership Program

Canowindra High School is a previous recipient of Cadias Community Partnership Program. Photo supplied.
Canowindra High School is a previous recipient of Cadias Community Partnership Program. Photo supplied.

Cadia Valley Operations (Cadia) is excited to launch a new and improved Community Partnership Program which will see the local mining company build on the way it currently invests into the community by partnering with key stakeholders to also focus on longer-term strategic investment to bolster the community.

The Program will offer two funding opportunities through its investment program - Cadia Cares and a new Cadia Legacy Fund.

The Cadia Cares program provides support to community groups within Blayney, Cabonne and Orange and supports the ongoing economic development of the community.

Funding of up to $5,000 will support one off purchases of infrastructure or programs, while more significant funding of up to $20,000 will support projects which can demonstrate a long-term benefit to the community.

"Cadia Cares represents part of the program which has been running in our community for the past 18 years - it provides just what the name suggests - support to as many organisations as we can to provide maximum reach and assistance into our local community, especially in times of need," Cadia General Manager Aaron Brannigan said.

The Cadia Legacy Fund works in partnership with community representatives to develop and deliver strategic projects which will leave a lasting legacy on the local region.

Grants of a minimum of $20,000 will be available through this program with projects required to fit into one of five strategic pillars - Agriculture, Health, Indigenous, Tourism and Sustainability, Technology & Innovation.

It is the first time that Sustainability Technology & Innovation has been identified as a key strategic pillar under the program and Cadia is excited by the potential opportunities this will present.

"Cadia is committed to being part of the community for many years to come and I'm really excited to see some of the projects we will be able to support with our revised approach. Sustainability, Technology & Innovation is something we focus on every day here at Cadia and we are looking forward to being able to support projects in this strategic pillar which will deliver regional economic growth and long-term community benefit," said Aaron.

"Over the past 12 months, we have seen some great projects come through our program and we believe this increase in funding will provide us with an opportunity to broaden the scope of what we have previously been able to support," said Aaron.

The Smith Family is one organisation who has had a long-standing relationship with Cadia's Community Partnership Program with demonstrated impact to the local community.

"The Smith Family is incredibly grateful for the support we've received from Cadia," said David Sloan, National Manager, Corporate Partnerships at The Smith Family.

"For well over ten years now, the Cadia Community Partnership Program has assisted us to support the education of young people experiencing disadvantage in the Orange region."

Applications for the new Cadia Community Partnership Program are now open, and available on Cadia's website -