Four from Canowindra among Cabonne candidates

Four from Canowindra are among the candidates seeking election at the Cabonne Shire Council elections on December 4.

Current councillors Kevin Walker and Jenny Weaver are joined on the ballot paper by fellow Canowindra residents Andrew Pull and Kathryn O'Ryan.

Also on the ballot paper are two other first timers - Dr Andrew Rawson and Aaron Pearson, along with incumbent councillors Paul Mullins, Peter Batten, Marlene Nash, Libby Oldham, Jenny Weaver, Greg Treavors, deputy mayor Jamie Jones and mayor Kevin Beatty.

Following a referendum carried out at the last local government election, the number of seats on Cabonne Council will go from 12 to nine for the next term of council.

Canowindra candidate Kevin Walker is a life long resident of the town.

He has been a councillor with Cabonne since 2008 during which time he has been a delegate to Central Tabelands Water as well as deputy chairman of the water body.

"If elected my priority would be Cumnock/Yeoval pipeline, retirement accommodation for our seniors and cemetery improvements," Walker said.

He is also an advocate for Cranky Rock Dam on the Belabula River for flood mitigation downstream.

"It is important to provide sustainable local government to Cabonne communities through consultation and sound financial management and accountability," he said.

"My experience in Local Government as a councillor has given me a deep understanding of government process which has given me knowledge who to approach for a favourable outcome," he said.

"I enjoy representing and advocating for the communities, If elected I would be working with our communities," he said.

Kathryn O'Ryan has been a resident of Canowindra for 35 years, raising a family in the town and running a small business, attributes she believe can assist in representing Cabonne.

As a long term resident of Canowindra (35 years), who has raised her family here, and run a small business, she believes that she can represent all of the people of Cabonne.

"There are three things I hope to offer residents, a strong voice, transparency of decision-making, and experience as a long-term resident," Ms O'Ryan said.

"Advocating for the needs of people who may not otherwise be heard is a particular passion of mine.

"I am a good communicator, with the ability to listen to different points of view and if needed, offer alternative perspectives.

"I consider transparent decision-making to be crucial. I hope that through good communication I can assist in providing information to residents that is both accessible and easy to understand, and in this way I hope to play a role in tackling the problems that the residents of Cabonne most care about.

"My experience as a small business owner has made me aware of the struggles many people face.

"I am concerned about housing availability, it is almost impossible to rent anything in Cabonne and house prices have gone up.

"I worry there is no emergency housing in Canowindra and I feel we need a safe house in the shire. I do appreciate a lot of these things we will have to ask the state government to do, but we have to let them know it is a major issue.

"I am aware that while much of what we need as communities is available, the condition of our roads, poor internet and mobile coverage can make accessing services very difficult," she said.

Canowindra candidate Jenny Weaver has served as a councillor on Cabonne Council for 13 years over two periods, her first stint from 1995 to 2008 and then again from 2017 to 2021.

"I support the sustainability of Cabonne Council through tourism, promotion and development and council working to attract industry to our areas," she said.

"I believe that while Cabonne Council maintains this focus, it has the resources that will ensure this advancement encompasses the wider community."

Health, roads, water delivery and remaining focused on the long term benefits of the shire are listed among Ms Weaver's priorities if returned as a councillor.

"I would work to ensure that all health services available to our residents are maintained at current levels, and in fact where possible, further expanded and developed across the Cabonne region," she said.

"I also understand that with over 2,000 km of roads in Cabonne, they remain a large focus and one of the community's priorities."

Canowindra's other candidate Andrew Pull has lived in Cabonne since 1999 with his wife Kyle, son Callum and daughters Holly and Annie.

"All issues of Cabonne are important to me but being specific, listening to each individual Cabonne community and implementing their master plans and infrastructure upgrades for their communities," he said

"For too long I've witnessed pen pushers living in one town talk councillors out of upgrades for another town.

"I love where I live so I have enormous pride in being part of Cabonne.

"I have a proven record of making a difference and getting the job done at community level as a volunteer in numerous committees already.

"Most important I'm honest, ratepayers and volunteers need honesty, if it can't be done, I'll say it, rather than make statements that cannot be kept and give false hope," Mr Pull said.

You can vote at Canowindra High School on Saturday, December 4 between 8am and 6pm or at Cargo Public School between the same hours.