Informer: Fancy words might be overrated but wearing a mask hasn't gone out of style yet

A "Centre for National Resilience" aka a quarantine centre. Picture: Department of Finance

You know what's not 'bussin'? Realising you're too old to understand what 'cheugy' means.

If that sentence didn't make much sense to you, you aren't alone.

The Plain English Foundation released it's 2021 list of the worst words, and bussin (which means something is good) and cheugy (which apparently means something is out of style) made the list.

However, the number one spot went to 'Centres for National Resilience' aka Australia's new quarantine centres.

"Australians like to pride ourselves on calling a spade a spade," the foundation's executive director Dr Neil James said.

"But when it comes to quarantine, it seems the plain word wasn't fancy enough."

But governments do love dressing up simple things with 'fancy' words.

However, NSW Government officials didn't mince their words after the state experienced a huge surge in COVID-19 cases. Today's numbers were the highest they have been in three months.

A "super spreader" event in the state's Hunter region is being blamed for the sharp increase.

Although wearing a mask is no longer legally required in the state, the chief health officer and Premier Dominic Perrottet urged people to keep wearing their masks - especially while doing the Christmas shopping.

Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory reported growing COVID cases today too.

Down in Tassie it was all smiles as the Tasmanian border opened to mainland residents - well, those who are fully vaccinated at least.

Border openings have become welcome news over the past week, but there's one guest not everyone will be excited to welcome.

Insect experts reckon a plague of locusts could swarm parts of eastern Australia due to the climate system created by La Nina.

First mice, now insects - I'm not sure there's an emoji that could capture just how I feel about that one.

But the Unicode Consortium would be able to find the right one I am sure.

The consortium has ranked the world's top used emojis and it was no surprise to learn that the "face with tears of joy" nabbed the top spot.

One could say it was named the most 'bussin' emoji of 2021 *insert winky face emoji*.