Catch up on all the COVID-19 news from this week

Can you believe all this COVID news happened this week?

If you think you have been deluged with COVID-19 information this week you are not alone.

There was a lot of changes to case reporting, restrictions and more this week - so here's a rundown of what went on.

On Monday South Australia changed its exposure site definitions, put a hold on elective surgery, and narrowed down its close contact rules.

Residents in Victoria and NSW were struggling with long wait times for PCR testing with health offices encouraging citizens to act as if they had COVID if they had symptoms and isolate if they couldn't get a test.

Line up for RATs

On Tuesday millions more Australians were eligible for COVID-19 booster shots after the gap between the second and third doses was reduced to four months.

Meanwhile the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission promised to crack down on "appalling" price gouging of rapid tests amid a nation-wide shortage.

Testing queues continued to dominate headlines.

PCR queue tests

Logistical disruptions started causing empty shelves across supermarkets.

Wednesday saw National Cabinet meet and agree to change the testing requirements to ease the demands on testing centres across the country.

It was also announced that concession card holders would get 10 free RATs across three months from pharmacies.

WA declared Tasmania and the ACT as "extreme risk" meaning all jurisdictions aside from the NT were now in that category.

Tasmania scrapped quarantine for international arrivals and announced RATs would be free for close contacts.

Ambulance Victoria declared a code red as paramedics were overwhelmed by a massive spike in calls.

Victoria reintroduces density limits, restrictions

Thursday saw Victoria reintroduce density limits and pause elective surgeries. It also moved to accepting positive RATs are "probable" cases, and those who return a positive RAT must record it online or over the phone. Those with a positive RAT also have to follow the same rules as positive PCR test recipients.

The Northern Territory declared a territory-wide lockdown from 1pm until midday Monday for the unvaccinated.

SA announces it'll roll out a system for close contacts to pick up RATs, they'll have to contact SA Health and they'll be sent a QR code to report their results.

NSW re-introduces some restrictions

On Friday NSW announced restriction changes to try and help curb the spread of Omicron.

Western Australia announced its face mask mandate would ease from 6pm on Friday.

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